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    Steve Engledow's projects and ramblings.

  • cloudformation-cli-go-plugin

    The CloudFormation Provider Development Toolkit Go Plugin allows you to autogenerate Go code based on an input schema.

  • cloudformation-cli

    The CloudFormation Provider Development Toolkit allows you to author your own resource providers that can be used by CloudFormation.

  • unicorn-maker

    Unicorn-maker is a complete example of a Cloudformation custom provider. This resource is built in multiple languages, to get you up and running creating Cloudformation custom resources.

  • offal

  • podless

    A serverless application that downloads podcasts to an S3 bucket

  • feathers

    International Bartenders Association (IBA) Official Cocktails in machine readable format

  • clap

  • please

    Please is a command line utility that makes it easy to integrate web APIs into your shell scripts.

  • maur

  • ps1

    An informational command prompt for bash

  • decatime

  • aws-cloudformation-templates

    A collection of useful CloudFormation templates

  • aws-waf-workshop

    A workshop about AWS WAF and the WAF Security Automations Solution

  • sequences

  • go-yaml

    YAML support for the Go language.

  • dmenu

    a mirror of the suckless dmenu, with feature branches instead of separate patches

  • mima

  • logoids

  • dotfiles

    Stilvoid's dotfiles

  • aws-sdk-go-v2

    AWS SDK for the Go programming language.

  • stash3

    A command line tool and AWS configuration for creating an S3-based pastebin-style storage area.

  • Lantern

    Exploring the original Zork source code with Graphviz and an interactive d3 map, using JavaScript and an extension of Peter Norvig's Python Lisp parser to handle MDL

  • amazon-ecr-credential-helper

    Automatically gets credentials for Amazon ECR on docker push/docker pull

  • aws-sam-cli

    AWS SAM CLI 🐿 is a CLI tool for local development and testing of Serverless applications

  • falsoyd

    A terrible game I wrote around ~2000EV

  • git-get

    git-get is an opinionated command that helps you keep your code folder in order

  • yaml

    A better way to marshal and unmarshal YAML in Golang

  • cfn-flip-service

    A serverless API that converts CloudFormation templates between JSON and YAML formats

  • microservices-workshop

  • git-cube

    A tool to help you never to forget to commit and push your code changes.

  • guide-to-synthesis

  • goformation

    GoFormation is a Go library for working with CloudFormation templates.

  • bin

    A collection of little scripts that I keep in ~/bin to make my life easier

  • shue

    A command line tool for modifying and converting colour values for use with CSS etc.


    jsatseovne :D

  • bleng

    A blogging engine

  • workflowy-php

    An unofficial WorkFlowy API written in PHP.

  • troposphere

    troposphere - Python library to create AWS CloudFormation descriptions

  • pyyaml

    Canonical source repository for PyYAML

  • fotopo

    A serverless file-sharing platform that uses Amazon Cognito for authentication and S3 for storage

  • marbles

    A markdown blogging engine - serverless

  • summer-of-s3

    A serverless application that generates md5 and sha1 checksums for files uploaded to an S3 bucket

  • jake

    Jake is a serverless application for making nested lists of stuff

  • graphviz-render-service

    A serverless API that renders Graphviz documents as PNG or SVG

  • markpoint

    Convert markdown into HTML presentations

  • aws-cli

    Universal Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services

  • sync-buckets-state-machine

    A sample AWS Step Functions (SFN) state machine, designed to one-way synchronize an Amazon S3 source bucket into another S3 destination bucket.

  • git-aux

    Use git to manage often-replicated files across computers

  • derp

    Docker made Easy for Real People

  • av

    Simple python script for counting votes under the Alternative Vote system

  • saws

    A Supercharged AWS Command Line Interface (CLI).

  • thiy

    Templating HTML in YAML

  • docker-bower

    A means to use bower without needing to install node

  • irssi-strip-html

    An irssi strip that uses html2text to convert annoying HTML messages into more readable text

  • pincushion

    A magical nginx reverse proxy for linking Docker containers

  • Smyck-Color-Scheme

    Color Scheme for, iTerm2, Vim, MacVim, Sublime Text2 and Textmate

  • docker-examples

    Docker examples to go with a presentation

  • gitlab-ci-runners

  • buggy

    A bash-friendly JSON parser

  • centrick

    A pebble watchface that shows the time using concentric arcs

  • markdown-js

    A Markdown parser for javascript

  • polyclock

    A simple watchface that draws a changing polygon

  • binary-face

    A left-to-right binary watch face for Pebble

  • irssi-scripts

  • babel

    An easy-to-parse and easy-to-produce data exchange format for easing communication between processes written in different programming languages.

  • easydict

    Access dict values as attributes (works recursively)

  • competition-entries-1

    A repository of all Linux Voice competition repositories

  • competition-entries

    A place for LV competition entries to live

  • git-tools

    A collection of git commands to provide some common, useful functionality when managing sizeable projects.

  • Ire

    A regular expression based scripting language

  • logdiff

    Command line tool that highlights differences within a log file

  • miniserv

    Simple node script to serve files from a directory over HTTP

  • vimd

    Vim-based markdown editor

  • pimms

    Pi MultiMedia Server

  • nosef

    A set of nice wrapper functionality for quickly building web services

  • Ploxy

    A logging HTTP proxy